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Watermelon Tea

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A taste experience that can probably compete with the fresh, summer fruit! Whether brewed hot or cold, this delicious and vitalizing infusion will remind you of summer with its juicy and refreshing watermelon note that unfolds on a sweet basis of apple pieces, carrot flakes, and honeydew melon cubes. 

For centuries, people in every culture have drunk fruit tea for its variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Because fruit tea is caffeine free, it is a popular choice for infants and children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers.

Our Watermelon tea is a high quality blend of apple pieces, carrot flakes, honeydew melon cubes, watermelon flakes, flavoring, beet root, and freeze-dried strawberry slices.

Variety: Fruit Tea

Origin: Germany

Steep Time: 10-12 minutes

Temperature: 203-212° F

Ratio: 1-2 level tsp. / 6 oz serving

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