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The Art Of Darkness - Utica Coffee Roasting Co.

The Art Of Darkness

$ 13.99

Turn to the dark side with our deliciously dark and mysterious Art of Darkness coffee.

We here at Utica Coffee Roasting Co. believe that the coffee you drink should be a direct reflection of your personality. The Art of Darkness reflects those who dare to be bold blend for then strong-hearted working warrior ready to Wake the Hell Up! and kick the daily grind in the teeth.

This coffee is made by artfully blending a secret mixture of coffee beans from Central America, South America, and Africa, and then expertly roasting them low and slow, until the beans reach a dark brown and are shimmering in oils.

It's a blend so delectably dark, so magical, it's an art, the art of darkness.

Aroma: Dark Chocolate, tobacco

Acidity: Low

Body: Smooth

Flavor: Deep, rich, bittersweet, dark chocolate

Varieties: Blend of Central American, South American, and African Coffees

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