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Malawi Mzuzu Women’s Fair Trade

Malawi Mzuzu Women’s Fair Trade

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Aroma: Hazelnut, Citrus, Coconut

Acidity: Bright

Body: Rich and Full

Flavor: Dried Fruit, Honey, Raisin


The 3500 farmers of the Mzuzu Coffee Planters Cooperative Union produce Washed Arabica, including the rare Geisha variety, on their family farms in the majestic Misuku Hills of Malawi, which border Tanzania. Mzuzu’s coffee, which is processed to the highest standards at village washing stations and then at a central hulling and sorting plant, wins prizes each year in the national cupping competition. Mzuzu is keen for women to play an increasingly important role within the cooperative. Female membership is currently around twenty per cent and they are aiming to increase this to fifty per cent over the next five years.


Region: Misuku, Phoka, Viphya North, Southeast Mzimba

Growing Altitude: 1,700-2,000 meters

Arabica Varieties: Nyika, Geisha, Catimor

Harvest Period: May-October

Process: Fully Washed

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