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Herb Reiki & Berries Tea

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Formed by the Japanese terms rei (cosmos) and ki (spritual energy), Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing method that is said to bring about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. This sense of wellbeing will be felt with our blend of herbs, fruits, and blossoms with its freshness and sweetness and no added flavors!

For centuries, people in every culture have used herbal teas for their healing powers. Herbal teas are the simple, effective, and caffeine-free way to relieve insomnia, calm an upset stomach, fight viruses, and more! The lemongrass in this tea relieves headaches and reduces fever, while rose hip peel aids in the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. 

Our Herb Reiki & Berries tea is a high quality blend of sultanas, apple pieces, mango cubes (mango, sugar), lemon grass, rose hip peel, hibiscus blossoms, orange peel, carrot shreds, stinging nettle leaves, sweet blackberry leaves, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, blue cornflower blossoms, mallow blossoms, marigold blossoms, rose petals, rosebuds, and safflower.

Variety: Herb Tea

Origin: Germany

Steep Time: 5-10 minutes

Temperature: 203-212° F

Ratio: 1 level tsp. / 6 oz serving

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