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Green Tea

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Formed by the Chinese terms sen (boil) and cha (tea), Sencha is one of the best known green tea types originally consumed by Buddhist monks as a remedy and for spiritual composure. Today, Sencha is considered a source of inspiration and vitality. This sense of wellness will be felt with our tea’s fresh, grasslike flavor with a fine sweetness.

Green tea has long been valued in China for its vibrant color, earthy taste, and health benefits. Rich in antioxidants, green tea increases your metabolism, fights and protects against chronic inflammation, and lowers your risk of developing high blood pressure.

Our Sencha green tea is of the highest quality. The tea leaves are first folded lengthwise and dried on warm trays, and then heated in wood-fueled pans in order to stop the fermentation. You will immediately recognize the long, well-worked, grass green leaves in this quality tea. After the infusion, the full leaf structure can be seen, and the cup has a bright yellow color.

Variety: Green Tea

Origin: China

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

Temperature: 176-194° F

Ratio: 1 level tsp. / 6 oz serving

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