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French Roast Organic Decaf - Utica Coffee Roasting Co.

French Roast Organic Decaf

$ 11.00

Experience the smooth, rich, and seductive darkness of Parisian coffee without any of the caffeine with our French Roast Decaf coffee.

Named for the regional French roasting style common throughout much of Europe around the turn of the 19th century, our French Roast is made by artfully blending Central and South American Arabica coffee beans decaffeinated using chemical-free processes, and then expertly roasting them low and slow, until the beans reach a dark brown. This long and masterful process yields a full-body and full-flavored coffee with unique oak flavors.

This coffee is a perennial favorite for those who like their coffee on the darker side, but could do without the caffeine. 

Aroma: Oaky

Acidity: Low

Body: Full

Flavor: Fully flavored, bittersweet, oaky notes

Varieties: Blend of South American Coffees

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