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Earl Grey Tea (Bergamot)

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Have a chance to feel like English royalty with our classic Earl Grey tea. A smoky blend infused with the essence of bergamot orange rind, this deeply aromatic and bold-flavored tea is at its best served black or with a touch of cream.

Spicy Ceylon and elegant Yunnan form the basis of this tea for an extremely yielding quality. The combination of these varieties yields an earthy, smoky, complex cup of tea that is perfect for afternoon teatime. The addition of the essence of Bergamot orange—an extremely aromatic citrus fruit from the Ionian Sea—adds a distinct, floral and lemony flavor.

Our Earl Grey tea is of the highest quality, sourced from China, and flavored with French bergamot orange oil, left in its wiry and regular leaf form for optimal flavor and aromatic extraction.

Variety: Black Tea

Origin: China

Steep Time: 4-5 minutes

Temperature: 203-212° F

Ratio: 1 level tsp. / 6 oz serving

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