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Black Currant Tea

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Enjoy the dark, fruity flavors of juicy black currants with our Black Currant tea. A delectable, lush cup with soothingly sweet blackberry undertones, floral notes, and a delighting finish, this tea is delicious served hot or iced.

Fine black tea is expertly blended with strawberry leaves and the juicy flavors of black currant for an extremely yielding quality. The combination of these ingredients yields a strong tea with a fruity aroma and a sweet and tangy taste.

Our Black Currant tea is of the highest quality, sourced from China, and left in its wiry and regular leaf form for optimal flavor and aromatic extraction.

Variety: Black Tea

Origin: China

Steep Time: 4-5 minutes

Temperature: 203-212° F

Ratio: 1 level tsp. / 6 oz serving

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