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John Volza Tea

Utica Coffee Roasting Co. Tea Selection High Quality

Everyone knows Utica Coffee Roasting Co. for our meticulously sourced, high quality coffee that we expertly roast right here in Utica, NY. But did you know we also carry a carefully selected assortment of premium teas from all over the world?

From black, to green, to herb, fruit, and specialty teas, Utica Coffee Roasting Co. has a varied array of excellent quality teas to meet all your tea needs.

Why tea?

At the end of the day, Utica Coffee Roasting Co. is about providing you an oasis in a cup—a refuge from the everyday hustle and bustle that comes with enjoying one’s favorite hot beverage, whether it be a coffee, latte, cappuccino, or tea.

Whether you’re drinking an aromatic black tea, a relaxing combination of fruit and herbs, or a warm and spicy chai, our teas will provide you with that serene sense of calm that comes with taking a break from your daily routine and enjoying a hot, steaming cup of deliciousness.

So take a break from coffee and expand your horizons with our assortment of premium teas…

Black Tea

Rich and full-bodied, black tea leaves are prepared by breaking or rolling the tea leaves, which allows them to oxidize, producing the greatest amount of caffeine in all tea types, as well as beneficial antioxidants known as theaflavins and thearubigins.

Black Tea Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Black Currant- Fine black tea expertly blended with strawberry leaves and the juicy flavors of black currant for an extremely yielding quality. A delectable, lush cup with soothingly sweet blackberry undertones, floral notes, and a delighting finish. 

Darjeeling- A spicy and fully aromatic black tea with harmoniously floral undertones composed of high-grade quality productions of various Darjeeling estates from the southern slopes of the Himalaya Mountains.

English Breakfast- Earthy, spicy Assam and strong, dark Sumatra form a marvelously dark infusion with a malty spiciness. The combination of these varieties yields a rich, complex, full-bodied, cup of tea that is perfect with a hearty “Full English Breakfast” or for afternoon teatime.

Earl Grey- A smoky blend of spicy Ceylon and elegant Yunnan black teas infused with the essence of bergamot orange rind. This deeply aromatic and bold-flavored tea is at its best served black or with a touch of cream.

Spicy Chai- Warm up with this artfully spiced, bold-flavored tea that is made from blending black tea with some of the world's most medicinally active herbs like aniseed, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, black peppercorns, cloves, and chicory roots.

Green Tea

Renowned in Chinese and Japanese cultures for its vibrant color, earthy taste, and health benefits, green tea is rich in antioxidants, increases your metabolism, fights and protects against chronic inflammation, and lowers your risk of developing high blood pressure.

Green Tea Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Organic Green Tea- A fresh, grass-like green tea with a fine sweetness, cultivated under the strict rules of organic food production for the upmost quality.

Herb Tea

Herbal teas can be traced back to the high cultures of China, India, Persia, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire. Whether spicy, flowery, sour, or sweet, our herbal tea blends are made from fresh, high quality ingredients so that each herb plant can provide its tea with its signature flavor.

Herbal Tea Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Chamomile- Being mild and caffeine free, this dried blossom makes a very appropriate drink in every season. Renowned in folk and traditional medicine for its health, cosmetic, and nutritional benefits, make chamomile tea part of your daily routine for full, long-lasting benefits.

Herb Lazy Blend- Stay in bed all day with our exceptional combination of fruit and herbs. Lemon grass, red peppercorns, and coriander give the tea its signature freshness and mild spiciness, while apple pieces and raspberry leaves lend a slight sweetness, and jasmine blossoms add a delicious floral undertone.

Herb Lomi-Lomi- Experience the ancient Hawaiian temple ritual and bring about inner peace with our flavorful mix of aloe vera, blossoms, and tropical fruits.

Herb Reiki & Berries- Channel the ancient Japanese spiritual healing ritual and bring about a sense of wellbeing with our blend of herbs, fruits, and blossoms with its freshness and sweetness and no added flavors! 

Moroccan Mint- A traditional drink for the population of this African country is drunk at any time of the year. Whether brewed hot or cold, this delicious and vitalizing infusion is a real thirst-quencher with no fruity notes, but with a delicious and vitalizing spearmint taste.

Fruit Tea

Colorful blends composed of pieces of fruit, spices, and herbs. Without caffeine or bitter substances, these healthy and delicious blends are enjoyed by both young and old, in hot or iced preparations.

Fruit Tea Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Elephant Blend- Take a trip to the tropics with this exotic mix of sweet, fruity bananas with nippy, fresh pineapple and creamy coconut on a base of caffeine-free rooibos tea.

Watermelon Blend- A taste experience that can probably compete with the fresh, summer fruit! Whether brewed hot or cold, this delicious and vitalizing infusion will remind you of summer with its juicy and refreshing watermelon note that unfolds on a sweet basis of apple pieces, carrot flakes, and honeydew melon cubes.

Specialty Tea 

Teas so special and unique, they require their own category.

Cascara Tea Utica Coffee Roasting Company

Perla Negra Cascara- With a similar taste and texture to cranberry or cherry, cascara—the husk and fruit of the coffee cherry—has flavors of sweet fig and an aroma of lemon and apricot. With light caffeination, this sweet tea is a perfect alternative to hot brewed coffee.

So stop into one of our cafes today, or visit our online shop to try our assortment of high-quality teas!

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