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Coffee Profile: Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko

John Volza Coffee Profile Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Yirgacheffe Reko

Utica Coffee Roasting Company Coffee Profile: Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko

We offer numerous Single Origin coffees in our cafes and on our website, but we bet you’ve never tasted a coffee quite like this one before.

Take a taste of the exotic with our intensely fruited, low acidity Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko, with notes of blueberry and bubble gum, with a creamy body and sweet finish. This coffee will transport you to the warm, tropic climate of Ethiopia located in Africa’s tropical zone. Its summery flavor profile is the exact reason why it’s January’s featured coffee of the month—the wildly fruity, enchantingly exotic flavor of our Ethiopia Reko coffee will keep you thinking of the warmer months ahead during these blistering cold winter days.

Origin Country: Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known for their explosively floral and fruity coffees that have stunned many a coffee professional’s eyes to the unusual and astonishing diverse coffees of Ethiopia’s many coffee-producing regions. Universally referred to as the birthplace of coffee, it was here where the coffee arabica plant flourished and was first consumed by humans. As wild coffee trees still grow below the canopy of forests in southern and southwestern Ethiopia, the natural diversity of Ethiopia’s coffee trees makes them a unique repository for selection and breeding around the world.

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The "Reko"

The Yirgacheffe region, located in southern Ethiopia, produces both washed and naturally processed coffee varieties that are explosively aromatic, full of citrus and floral notes. The name “Reko” comes from the small washing station located in the Kochere region of Yirgacheffe, which began production in 2001. Here, every harvest season (late November to mid-January), about 850 farmers bring their red coffee cherries to get processed.

The coffee growing areas in this region range from a fairly high 6,000 to 6,800 feet above sea level. The cool nights of this altitude combined with the warm daytime temperatures, naturally fertile soil, and adequate rainfall of 70 to 80 inches per year, provide optimal growing conditions for coffee trees.

The coffee trees themselves are of mixed heirloom varieties, not an uncommon situation in Ethiopia where coffee trees grow wild in the forest and many tree varieties are still not catalogued.

Ethiopia Natural Yiracheffe Reko Utica Coffee Roasting Company 2

Unlike most Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko varieties you will find by other roasters, here at Utica Coffee Roasting Company ours is a natural process variety rather than a washed variety. The oldest method of processing coffee, “natural process” denotes that after harvest, coffee cherries are spread out in a thin layer to dry in the African sun on traditional raised beds for 10-12 days. The drying beds allows for optimal airflow around the cherry, resulting in an even dry. Once the coffee is properly dry, the outer husk of skin and dried fruit are removed and the raw coffee is then ready for export.

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko 3

This traditional process produces truly one-of-a-kind Yirgacheffee Reko coffee that can be seen in the Reko’s compelling flavor profile.

Flavor Profile and Cupping Notes

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Reko Coffee Cupping Utica Coffee Roasting Company

As opposed to the highly acidic washed variety, our Natural Process Yirgacheffee Reko produces a low acidic, creamy body with fruity berry notes and a sweet finish.

Aroma: Floral, Fruity

Body: Creamy

Acidity: Low acidity, sweet finish

Taste: Intensely fruity, blueberry, bubblegum

Best Way to Brew

We recommend brewing our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko coffee in either a French Press or a Chemex (both available in our online shop). Both the French press and pour over methods highlight the Reko’s low acidity and are best for extracting the lighter, fruiter notes in the Reko’s delicate flavor profile.

The Bottom Line

Our Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Reko is an exquisite, one-of-a-kind coffee. From the coffee cherries harvested from a mix of wild heirloom coffee trees, to the age-old artisan natural drying process, this unique bean yields a distinctive, luxurious coffee with a powerful, complex flavor profile of deeply sweet, intensely fruity, and lush floral tones. Take one sip and transport yourself to the exotic, tropical landscape of Ethiopia.

Get yours today in our cafes or on our online shop.

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